Updates on Bird Club and Competition

We had a meeting on 2/4/22.

Nothing much to write home about, some people finished their bird houses and they look real neat (pictured left).

The independent bird research hit a road block in that I need to redownload the data since it was apparently incomplete. I may need to use the desktop or set up a ethernet cable to my laptop.

I'm looking to introduce the nest cam this week, and hopefully start an official education curriculum or at least outline on the topic. Not mainstream, but at least as an offer, and hopefully something I can pitch to elementary/middle schools in the area. I did try to contact an elementary school in the area but they never responded.

In other news, my burrowing owl from the Salton Sea got a gold from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and I'm pretty happy about it, I was really lucky with the sunset timing and it was a wonderful experience so I'm glad to have it be recognized. Photo below: