Bird Collision on Lakeside Campus

On Monday November 7th a member of my Bird Club (Sophie Biernacki) reported a dead bird she found on campus, in front of our art building. It was a late start for me that day so I got to campus around 10 to pick it up and pack it.

Turns out it was a varied thrush, and by the lack of visible damage and apparent bleeding from the head we decided it was likely a collision victim given how much glass is on our art building and how close the thrush was to the building.

Here are some photos from when I recovered it and then dropped it off at the Burke Museum for donation, plus to show the art building

We later spoke to Mr. Krus, head of the art department, about starting a project for students to design and install decals to prevent more collisions (especially given how many buildings on campus have massive windows, and how the art building in particular seems like a good place to start since it is the art building), though we had to forward that to the school. Right now it's in the pipeline but hopefully we'll be able to get going on it come January.

RE_ Bird Collision Prevention for Pigott (and other buildings).pdf