Bird Club Nest Camera Installation!

This is somewhat outdated now as we've made some adjustments, but as of April 28th we officially have a bird's nest and camera on Lakeside campus!

We assembled the thing the night before to make sure it worked the first part was disassembling the birdhouse and installing the camera.

Here's a nice side view right before I finished assembling it

Here's the finished product, and a good view of it with the side door open to see the camera

And here's a photo of the test of the camera

This is when we first got there, just getting the stuff to the site. The image on the left has a mock birdhouse just for reference, we have the actual house (on the right)

And here's when we finally got the house installed. The one on the left gives some context on the location.

Unfortunately we couldn't figure out the electrics of it fully so we installed that aspect the next week, with a lithium-ion battery and solar panel in hopes that it would become self-sufficient. We do need to install a larger panel, though, so I'll update once we have that!