Clubs Fair 2022

We had our first normal Clubs Fair for the first time in three years! We got a nice booth in the middle of the main traffic flow, right next to all the medium-sized nerdy clubs which I'll take as a compliment.

At the end of the day we tallied up to over 60 signups! That's about 30 more than last year, which was 20 more than the previous, so I think we're doing pretty good. I'm a bit late to update so we also had our first meeting, where we got 11 people which I think is a pretty excellent start, we just gotta keep it up now which might be tough because we had to miss the last October meeting thanks to the Halloween assembly (also the chat's been moving slow, hopefully it picks up speed but since people don't use Teams all too much anymore it's hard to say).

Plus a better look at the poster (at some point it became a joke that we'd just keep pasting new photos on top of the old ones so that's what I ended up doing)