2020-2021 Bird Club Photos

I realized I never posted any photos from our previous year's operations, so I decided to do it now.

Both of these photos were taken on 11/27/20, our very first Bird Club outing to the Union Bay Natural Area. It was also a surprisingly fruitful time since we saw an American bittern pretty close-up, the first time I'd seen one since that summer and much closer.

This was from our second trip, this time to Queen Anne on 12/23/20 to see the snowy owl that was hanging around the area at the time. We also went to David Rodgers park to see one of the two resident barred owls as well.

This was our last outing before school ended, since everyone got really busy. This was to Carkeek Park on 4/19/21, and was actually the first outing where I brought my new camera (and one of my first times using it).

Funnily enough, I volunteered there over the summer with the Seattle Audubon Young Birders so I know the beach a lot better now.