Bird Safe Seattle Week!

It's Bird Safe Seattle Week!

As per mayoral proclamation anyway. As such, I'm putting this out here because this is big news for the Seattle conservation community, and overall a cool thing to learn about and take part in!

As for a personal swing at it, Clubs Fair is this week meaning the Bird Club will have another shot at getting new recruits. This time we're next to a few mid- to big-size clubs (generally the nerdy ones I've noticed, which is fair) so hopefully we'll catch some traffic as well.

Also, as part of the Bird Collision Monitoring team volunteering for Seattle Audubon, I will be part of a group meeting with Seattle Councilman Andrew J. Lewis about bird collision prevention and its importance on 10/8! My role is relatively small but I'm glad to be a bit of a "youth" representative as it were, and overall the whole experience is really cool and honestly a bit surreal, I never thought a hobby I picked up would lead me to meet with a politician on bird protection but I'm glad that's where I've gotten, it's an honor to be a part of something poised to make such a substantial impact on Seattle-area conservation and conservation awareness.